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Full Name: Frank Edwin Wright III
Date of Birth: 09/12/72
Hometown: Willits, California, USA
Marital Status: Married Lisea Lyons in March 1995, then divorced. Married Claudia in 2000, then divorced in 2003. Was dating Donna C., drummer in The Donnas, but unsure if he is now
Children: Ramona, born 1995, Frankito, born 2001
Wheels: An SUV
Instruments: Drums, Guitar, Accordion
Other Bands: The Network (according to my resources)

Frank Edwin Wright III (now known as Tre Cool) was born on 9th December 1972. He lived in Willits, California with his dad two siblings. His father built houses in the area, including the home of Lookout! Records owner Laurence Livermore. At the age of 12, Tre joined Livermore's band The Lookouts. Eventually, when John Kriftmeyer had left Green Day, Tre joined Billie and MIke. Livermore had suggested to them that Tre would be the best replacement for John. Also Tre was teaching John drums before becoming part of Green Day.
Tre married his long term girlfriend Lisea Lyons in March of 1995, and later that year had a daughter, Ramona. Tre and Lisea are now divorced and Tre got re-married in May, 2000 to Claudia, and had a son named Frankito, they are now divorced. Tre is supposedly dating Donna C., drummer from The Donnas. Today Tre lives in Oakland, California.

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